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I have published four novels  (in addition to lots of stories, articles, and such). The four books are: THE DARK DAYS OF HAMBURGER HALPIN, GUY LANGMAN CRIME SCENE PROCRASTINATOR, STRIKE THREE YOU'RE DEAD, SAY IT AIN'T SO. All were published by Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers (Random  House).

Details on each below:

paperback cover

(Knopf 2010)

One of the "Best Books of 2010 for Teens"

A Starred Review from Kirkus, December 15, 2009: "This witty tale of mainstreaming, misfits and murder glitters like the 'Future Diamonds' that coal-mine souvenirs promise to someday become."

A Starred Review from School Library Journal, January 2010: “A genre-bending breakthrough that teens are going to love.”

VOYA gave it a perfect 10! "Will is a delightful narrator: smart, wry, and insightful. His experiences in the hearing world, as well as his reflections on deaf culture, add another level of interest in this already compulsively readable novel." (VOYA, June 2010)

The story about how I came to write this book can be found on my bio page.

More about the book:
Random House

Knopf 2012

GLCSP is about a guy  (named Guy) who joins his high school forensics team, gets embroiled in a mysterious death, deals with the loss of a loved one, tries not to get murdered by a psychopath, and attempts to work his mojo with the ladies. A teen mystery/comedy, published March 2012.


STRIKE THREE: YOU'RE DEAD  Lenny & The Mikes book #1

Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers 
Lenny Norbeck is a die-hard baseball lover. Unfortunately, he's no player himself (according to him, he's "the worst there ever was.") But he'd make a heck of an announcer. He gets a lot of practice sitting with his best friends, Mike and Other Mike, watching Phillies games from their lawn couch—a sweet outdoor TV arrangement Mike's dad hooked them up with. Being a real announcer is his dream, and he gets his chance to prove himself when he enters an "Armchair Announcer" STYDcontest and wins. The prize: he gets to be the broadcaster, live, for one inning at a real Phillies game. 

The game goes very wrong, though. Before Lenny gets to do his inning, a young, promising pitcher fresh out of the minors literally drops dead on the mound. The official verdict is that he died of a heart attack, but Lenny has a hunch there's something more going on. So he and the Mikes set out to investigate. The suspects are many, and though the trio barks up the wrong tree a few times, they are al
ways right on the heels of the real killer. . . .

Intended for readers approximately aged 9-12. Probably everyone should read them though. 

SAY IT AIN'T SO, Lenny & The Mikes book #2

Lenny, Mike, and Other Mike are back in school for the glory that is seventh grade, and this year, Mike is determined to make catcher on the middle-school team. When Mike's hard work pays off and he wins the coveted postition, Lenny is a little jealous, but he'll settle for being the team's unofficial announcer.  The team has a brilliant new pitcher, Hunter Ashwell, and though he's a bit of a jerk, he and Mike have a great pitcher/catcher dynamic that could make the team champions. But things take a strange turn when Hunter's perfect pitching streak goes downhill, and Lenny suspects foul play—specifically, someone stealing Mike's catcher signals. But who could be responsible, and why?

Say It Ain't So